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Wacky Witch Inc. is a student-project by Vanessa Hoffmann, Jean Isserstedt, Nils Mahn and Hannah Pollow by the UE-University. It`s been in development for about 2 months. 


You play as a witch, which has a shop for brewing potions. But one day, she ruined a potion by accident and got cursed. Help her, brewing potions with her wobbly arm and try to get as many good potions as possible. 

Key Features

Colors are fun!
Combine different Objects with their specific color, to get the desired color of your customer.  

Damn, your arm is cursed. What you gonna do? Try it out!


Look around with Mouse! 
Interact with left-Mouseclick! 
Close Interfaces with CTRL+Left 
One Click for picking up! One Click for dropping it, giving it to customer!

Our project on Bitbucket 

The Team:

Programming, work in Unity:
Jean Isserstedt

Textures, Particles and Game Design: 
Nils Mahn

Models, UI and Game Design: 
Vanessa Hoffmann 

Models, Animations (3D and 2D): 
-Hannah Pollow


Credits - University of Applied Sciences Europe 

This game was created at the Game Design // UE Department of the University of Applied Sciences Europe. Supervised by: Prof. Sebastian Stamm "True Story"  (WinterSemester 2017/18)


Wacky Witch 1.0.zip 56 MB
WackyWitch 1.1.zip 57 MB

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